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TAROT 5008/340KV multi-rotor hexa copter brushless motor TL96020 for 17-18 inch prop

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Product description:
     5008/340KV efficient multi-rotor Brushless Motors is designed for multi-rotor design, suitable for T960 folding six rotor rack
TL960A, T18 Folding eight rotor rack TL18A00 other 17-18 inch rotor racks. Full CNC machined, appearance
Seamless smooth flat sheet, balance is excellent. New design of efficient turbofan cover, provides powerful airflow, the rotor mining
Refined with a high magnetic NdFeB stator reinforced with high-strength epoxy to protect pressurized high temperature, high magnetic flux outside
Rotor motor through a special balance correction, improve the common external rotor motor vibration problems caused by poor balance, motor shaft using
High alloy steels. Upper and lower lid with large size motor speed precision bearings with low friction torque, power loss, resistance
Shock, instant high speed radial support and other advantages. 5008 / 340KV Brushless Motors has passed strict new generation of dynamic,
Static magnetic properties, magnetic temperature demagnetization loss, exercise vibration, noise, load performance engineering technology demonstration.
Continuation inherited TAROT brushless motor: long life, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, superior control and stability characteristics.
Product parameters:
Applicable Rotor Specifications :17-18 inch
Motor Outside diameter: 58.50mm
Stator diameter: 50.0 mm
Stator Thickness: 8.0 mm
Stator number: 12N
Motor Poles: 14P
Per volt speed: 340 RPM / Volt
25.2V empty annexed Current: 1.1 Amps
Motor Weight: 168 Grams
Gear shaft mounting diameter: ¢ 4.0 mm
Motor Length: 35.0 mm
Motor Shaft Length: 42.0 mm
Measured load voltage (V) Current (A) Speed (KV)
            10.0 0.6 3428
            22.2 1.0 N / A
            25.2 1.1 8500
Cup head screws M3 × 8 × 4
Button head screws M3 × 8 × 2
Metal rotor mounting piece × 1
5008KV340 × 1
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